strategy Apr 17, 2022

"The people think of wealth and power as the greatest fate, 

But in this world, a spell of health is the best state."

These were the words of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to the foreign doctors visiting him. It may be one of the best descriptions ever made on the importance of...

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strategy Apr 09, 2022

Everything in the world has a dual nature. When this is the case in politics, science, sports, emotions, is it conceivable for our bodies to be exempt from this duality? Like everything else in the universe, our bodies experience polar opposites such as health and illness, birth and death,...

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breath Apr 09, 2022

We can't enjoy anything when our health deteriorates, can we? Research shows that health and quality of life are two factors that directly affect each other. People in good health also have a high quality of life. But no matter how wealthy and positive we are, all else loses its value when we...

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mind Apr 03, 2022

In his epic poem Paradise Lost, English poet John Milton says, "The mind is its own place and, in itself, can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven." Our mind plays an enormous role in how our life turns out, doesn't it? As Milton's said, what goes through our mind has the power to...

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strategy Apr 03, 2022

The most important capital of humans is health. But just like health, illnesses are also a fact of life, which we can encounter quite frequently. Research shows that our mindset is among the main reasons that lie at the root of illnesses. When we fail to direct our mind properly, sickness...

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Our Life is a Reflection of Our Values

purpose Mar 27, 2022

What do we live for? What do we need to do to add some meaning to our lives? What should be the meaning of our lives? How can we live a more decent and peaceful life, and how do we get there? Such questions have puzzled humans throughout history and have been the subject of philosophy and...

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Rules to Living Masterfully

strategy Mar 27, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to be happy, healthy, and lead a successful and peaceful life? Even though everyone wants them, the universe doesn’t just respond to requests. You need to deserve it – there is a price to pay for a life lived masterfully. You need to exert yourself and...

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strategy Mar 20, 2022

Natural-born leaders are those smart enough to take on the whole world rather than clash with their souls. Regardless of what people say or think, they do what they want without worrying about being judged. They never deny themselves, but they can ignore everyone else. This is their attitude when...

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strategy Mar 20, 2022

Throughout time, history has been interested in understanding what the masters or leaders do and why. Because true leadership, true mastery is quite rare and seen in very few people. The science of history has also identified some common traits of leaders. Now let’s look at these traits...

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Master Your Relationships

strategy Mar 13, 2022

Are your relationships not working out? Do you not get the respect you want and deserve from the people around you? Do you think they don’t understand you?


If you’ve answered YES to all of the above, if you cannot receive the love you want, if people do not treat you with...

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