mind strategy Mar 13, 2022

Hello there. We recently talked about how important determination is to move forward in life. Today, let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic. The one common trait of the extremely rich and successful is that they are all determined to follow a path they know very well. When we look at their...

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9 Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Leader

strategy Mar 13, 2022

1. Lacking the skill to organise every single detail 

As we mentioned many times before, effective leadership is all about mastering the art of detail and organising everything down to a tee. No leader is too busy to do what they want to do. As each person lives life according to their...

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There’s No Luck, There’s Only Focus

purpose Mar 13, 2022

The body of research on the human brain is constantly growing. Sometimes we learn we’re
using very little of our brain capacity, which baffles us. And sometimes, we witness stories of
people using the power of their brains to make the impossible possible. 
The brain is our most perfect...

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‘Why’ and ‘How’ People

purpose Mar 13, 2022

You must have heard the saying, “If you know the why, the how will take care of itself .”
Nowadays, I see many speakers and leaders in the world focusing on this topic. 
But there is one point they are missing. Not everyone is interested in the...

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