mind strategy Mar 13, 2022

Hello there. We recently talked about how important determination is to move forward in life. Today, let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic. The one common trait of the extremely rich and successful is that they are all determined to follow a path they know very well. When we look at their decision-making processes, we can see that they make quick decisions and rarely back out of them. Another trait they share is that they are not affected by the news about them in the media, and they follow their own path. On the other hand, indecisive people who cannot move forward with their careers are very open to outside influences such as news, media, and other people.

Standing by our ideas is key to success in life. But it doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring other people’s opinions. You must understand this well. As visionary and open-minded people, we can listen to other people’s opinions and still stand by our own ideas. If we’re constantly influenced by outside ideas and opinions, if we are especially affected by rumours and constantly change our minds, we will end up failing. Living our life being inspired by other people and their ideas means not having opinions of our own and not finding any inspiration in our own thoughts. To succeed, a person needs to have their own ideas and decisions and move forward in their path.

Of course, we will lend an ear to other people’s opinions, but we won’t stray from our own path. Each of us has a brain and a mind; we all have thoughts and decisions. Individuals who make the best use of those can unlock the potential of their brainpower, decision-making ability and the unlimited capacity of their mind. Needing information and ideas from others indicates a disconnection from your internal systems. And one of the main reasons for failure is being detached from your own centre and path.

That’s why as we move forward in our career path, it’s important to repeatedly look into ourselves, learn to meditate very well, understand and learn how to align ourselves with our values, and spend time thinking about our values every 4-5 months. Because only when we are aligned with our inner truth can we silence the rumours of the outside world. Those inspired by their inner world are not affected by the opinions of others and become determined, successful individuals who realise their goals.


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