strategy Jul 07, 2023

Leaders cannot exist without followers. True leadership consists of nothing unless supported and challenged by followers. Leaders who kneel the lowest to keep in touch with their followers stand the highest.

Master Leaders attune to their divinity, as they love their following humanity.


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strategy Jun 02, 2023

The central executive network is engaged in higher order cognitive and attentional control. When you must engage your conscious brain to work on a problem, place information in your working memory as you think, focus your attention on a test or problem, you are thinking and must focus your...

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Is Leadership Innate?

strategy Apr 21, 2023

Yes, some people are born with specific qualities and characteristics that, if nurtured, can lead to them becoming great leaders! Certain qualities and attributes make for great leaders and while some can be taught, others are natural talents that some are simply born with. If, for example, you...

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True leaders are true servants.

strategy Apr 06, 2023

True servants, true leaders are those who have a high level of personal self management and can reflect this. People who can take great responsibilities, hold themselves responsible for all the results they get in life, and are aware of their responsibilities to those they lead can be the leader...

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What Are The Reasons For Facing Financial Difficulties?

strategy Dec 30, 2022

Experiencing financial difficulties is one of the toughest hardships to face, with the inability to properly provide for yourself and your family, it can lead to depression and anxiety if not dealt with correctly. There are many reasons why some may struggle with financial issues, whether it be...

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A true master is the one who can manage money effortlessly.

strategy Nov 06, 2022

Take action if you want to change your financial destiny.

There are some ways to increase our earnings. One of these methods, and the most
important, is to confront ourselves. Many people suffer financially because they can't face themselves, because they can't be honest with themselves....

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strategy Oct 03, 2022

What is success?

Success has different meanings in the lives of each of us. Success can be wealth for some, a career for some, and creating a great piece of art for some. In fact, success is the reflection of our consciousness. Our consciousness creates our own reality. We create success...

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strategy Sep 19, 2022

People always look for ways to live a better, happier, peaceful, and healthy life. However, for some reason, very few people have succeeded in fulfilling these goals. When we look around, we notice that there are a lot of people with health issues, who are fatigued from their weight and the...

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strategy Aug 29, 2022

What exactly is medicine? Are drugs beneficial? What are the dangers of drugs? For years, we have struggled to find answers to these questions. We base our decision on our formed opinion after finding the correct or incorrect answer. Some people are afraid of drugs, as if they are trying to avoid...

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strategy Aug 14, 2022


Working on consciousness makes it possible to live a balanced life.You won't face any barriers in your path to achieving all you desire out of life if you do this. So what can we say about a balanced diet? So, what can we say about a balanced diet? Is there a connection between a healthy...

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