strategy Jul 07, 2023

Leaders cannot exist without followers. True leadership consists of nothing unless supported and challenged by followers. Leaders who kneel the lowest to keep in touch with their followers stand the highest.

Master Leaders attune to their divinity, as they love their following humanity.


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mind Jun 23, 2023

Is your perception of free will an illusion?

According to some scientists the interaction between conscious and unconscious thoughts are what makes your free will an illusion. Of course, that is dependent upon the actual description of your free will, whether true transcendent liberation or simple...

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mind Jun 09, 2023

Neither wisdom nor truth are in need of imagination. For you only imagine ‘’things’’ you wish for, or dread, things which are not yet to come, whereas truth and wisdom are solid facts and are not in need of your garland of imaginaiton.

If you dare to place the garland of...

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strategy Jun 02, 2023

The central executive network is engaged in higher order cognitive and attentional control. When you must engage your conscious brain to work on a problem, place information in your working memory as you think, focus your attention on a test or problem, you are thinking and must focus your...

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mind May 26, 2023

Your selective attention is your focused or tunnelled concentration on a single object, or on selective objects. It is as much an act of muting or ignoring surrounding stimuli as it is an act of tıning up one particular stimulus or set of stimuli. According to the findings revealed by the brain...

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What Are The Reasons For Failing In A Relationship?

breath May 18, 2023

The relationships that you have throughout your life hold a significant importance. Relationships shape who you are and what you will become, making them extremely important! When relationships fail and end, it can be extremely hard to continue on without the person in your life. Knowing why...

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Diseases and Breathing

breath Apr 28, 2023

There are many different diseases that may cause you to experience difficulties when it comes to your breathing. Diseases that attack the things and throat can lead to you being unable to properly and effectively move air in and out of your lungs, which can have dire consequences. Understanding...

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Is Leadership Innate?

strategy Apr 21, 2023

Yes, some people are born with specific qualities and characteristics that, if nurtured, can lead to them becoming great leaders! Certain qualities and attributes make for great leaders and while some can be taught, others are natural talents that some are simply born with. If, for example, you...

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What is a Soulmate?

mind Apr 14, 2023

Having connections to those around us is extremely important and the relationships that we make have the ability to define who we are as individuals! A soulmate refers to a person with whom we have a natural connection to, someone that you meet and feel as though you are cosmically connected to...

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True leaders are true servants.

strategy Apr 06, 2023

True servants, true leaders are those who have a high level of personal self management and can reflect this. People who can take great responsibilities, hold themselves responsible for all the results they get in life, and are aware of their responsibilities to those they lead can be the leader...

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