Break Free from the Shadows of the Past: What Are Episodic Memories and How Do They Impact Your Life?

mind Jun 26, 2024

Do you ever feel triggered by certain events or people you encounter in your daily life? Do intense emotions take over you for extended periods, or do you sometimes think you overreacted when you look back calmly? If your answer is yes, don't worry—you’re not alone.

At the core of...

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Breaking Free from Rumination: Liberating Yourself from Repetitive Negative Thoughts

mind Jun 06, 2024

Rumination is the tendency to constantly replay a situation, event, or thought in your mind over and over again. This process, often involving negative thoughts, is known as a mental habit that traps individuals in a perpetual loop. Does this sound familiar? Most of you likely answered "yes."...

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Jung's Shadow Archetype: Discover the Hidden Treasure in Your Dark Side

mind May 30, 2024

Carl Gustav Jung, one of the foremost psychiatrists of the 20th century, left a profound impact on the field of analytical psychology. Among his many theories is the concept of the "shadow archetype." But what exactly is the shadow archetype, and why is it so important?

The shadow archetype is a...

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mind Jun 23, 2023

Is your perception of free will an illusion?

According to some scientists the interaction between conscious and unconscious thoughts are what makes your free will an illusion. Of course, that is dependent upon the actual description of your free will, whether true transcendent liberation or simple...

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mind Jun 09, 2023

Neither wisdom nor truth are in need of imagination. For you only imagine ‘’things’’ you wish for, or dread, things which are not yet to come, whereas truth and wisdom are solid facts and are not in need of your garland of imaginaiton.

If you dare to place the garland of...

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mind May 26, 2023

Your selective attention is your focused or tunnelled concentration on a single object, or on selective objects. It is as much an act of muting or ignoring surrounding stimuli as it is an act of tıning up one particular stimulus or set of stimuli. According to the findings revealed by the brain...

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What is a Soulmate?

mind Apr 14, 2023

Having connections to those around us is extremely important and the relationships that we make have the ability to define who we are as individuals! A soulmate refers to a person with whom we have a natural connection to, someone that you meet and feel as though you are cosmically connected to...

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Being emotional and self mastery are two opposite things

mind Mar 16, 2023

Many people struggle to keep their emotions under control. Of course, my students do not experience this situation. Because they are able to balance themselves quite effortlessly thanks to the mind transformation methods and breathing exercises I teach them. Thus, they continue their lives in a...

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What are the Subconscious Causes of Diseases?

mind Mar 09, 2023

In short, if you believe you’re sick and are constantly thinking about your illness, your body may begin to react to these thoughts. Your body and mind are deeply connected and though you may not realise it, your mind has the ability to change the way your body reacts to certain things. If...

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How to Transform Your Trauma into Triumph?

mind Mar 02, 2023

Life is challenging. In addition to economic challenges, political crises, deterioration in interpersonal relationships, and environmental problems all make life more challenging. Stress and traumas have now become a part of our lives. We've developed a variety of techniques to get rid of traumas...

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