9 Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Leader

strategy Mar 13, 2022

1. Lacking the skill to organise every single detail 

As we mentioned many times before, effective leadership is all about mastering the art of detail and organising everything down to a tee. No leader is too busy to do what they want to do. As each person lives life according to their priorities, each leader devotes their time and energy to things that urgently need a change and areas they deem important according to their plans. A successful leader needs to know every nook and cranny of the company they manage and master the skill to organise everything down to the last detail. If they lose this skill, they lose the ability to lead. 


2. Being unwilling to do anything and everything at any level

A true leader has the capacity to do any job under any circumstances. They are ready to do all kinds of work – even dust their office if necessary. A person who looks down on their employees is not a real executive. Because true leaders see themselves as equals with everyone and respect them. A true leader is a true servant. They are aware of their responsibilities towards the people they manage, and they are ready to do any task at any given time – leading the people they manage to success. 


3. Expecting money in return for your knowledge

The world is not there to pay you for the knowledge you have. Only when you turn that knowledge into action, create something material with that knowledge, turn it into a business formula can there be some sort of compensation. Pure knowledge is worth nothing.


4. Fearing that your followers can turn into rivals

A leader that fears that their followers can turn into rivals is not a true leader. Because a true leader is someone who does what no one else can, who realises their authentic traits, and who demonstrates their unique skills. A true leader needs to remember one thing: a leader can only achieve things when they manage people well, inspire them, and enable them to work efficiently and productively. Therefore, a leader is someone who helps people achieve their highest potentials. They offer their own skills and knowledge to people they manage and let them uncover their authentic identities. 


5. Lacking creativity

Leaders who lack creativity cannot change their plans and the systems and processes they manage as quickly as necessary. 


6. Being selfish

A leader can face a great deal of unhappiness when they don’t consider the wishes of their followers. Therefore, noticing those who follow them and honouring their wishes are among the most important traits of a leader.


7. Being short-tempered

People don’t like or follow angry individuals who fail to control their temper. It’s very important for managers to handle stress, have a balanced mind and lead a balanced life. Not being able to handle anger and stress can cause great destruction.


8. Disloyalty

We could have put disloyalty on the top of this list. Because a true leader is always loyal to their colleagues and those they manage. Disloyalty leads to great losses in all aspects of a person’s life.


9. Thinking too highly of the authority leadership brings and boasting about it

True leaders reside in the hearts of their followers. A leader is only successful if their followers and those they manage love them. Someone who boasts about their leadership and looks down on others is not a true leader. A bad leader needs titles to impress their followers. However, a true leader needs no promotion or nice words about their leadership – it is their accomplishments, achievements, and teachings that make them a true leader.  


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