How to Transform Your Trauma into Triumph?

mind Mar 02, 2023

Life is challenging. In addition to economic challenges, political crises, deterioration in interpersonal relationships, and environmental problems all make life more challenging. Stress and traumas have now become a part of our lives. We've developed a variety of techniques to get rid of traumas...

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The Beginnerā€™s Guide to Meditation: Everything you need to know

meditation Feb 02, 2023

Finding good resources that are centered around meditation for beginners is important if you’re hoping to use these techniques in your life. There are certain things that beginners may need to be aware of and take into consideration when it comes to meditation. But finding different...

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Your values determine your life.

purpose Jan 26, 2023

The values that we have are our belief systems and they form an integral part of who we are. Values will motivate an individual to act in certain ways or do certain things, guiding behaviour patterns and motivating decisions. Having a good system of values and using the values that we consider to...

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How to deal with failure?

breath Jan 20, 2023

The habits of unsuccessful people explained:

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is evident from the habits they pick up over time.

In order to be successful and achieve the goals you set for yourself, it’s important to ditch any unproductive habits that can deter you...

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Why Do We Suffer?

breath Jan 12, 2023

Learning how to deal with suffering is an important part of life and can help provide you with the tools to be able to handle situations that might not be going your way. Finding ways to deal with suffering that are constructive and productive can help ensure that times of hardship don’t...

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breath Jan 05, 2023

When you think of breathing, what comes to mind? The air we breathe or a breathing habit? Do you know what breathing trainers do and what they teach? In this article,you will find out more about these issues in this article.

The Psychology of Breathing
When we say "breath" we don't mean the...

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What Are The Reasons For Facing Financial Difficulties?

strategy Dec 30, 2022

Experiencing financial difficulties is one of the toughest hardships to face, with the inability to properly provide for yourself and your family, it can lead to depression and anxiety if not dealt with correctly. There are many reasons why some may struggle with financial issues, whether it be...

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Pain-Relieving Breathing Exercises

breath Dec 23, 2022

It is possible to reduce pain or even eliminate it entirely.In this post,  we emphasize deep diaphragmatic breathing and Nadi Shodhana, which is alternate-nasal breathing and has numerous advantages when practiced regularly.

What is the impact of breathing on pain?
Irregular breathing can...

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10 important tips for staying motivated

purpose Dec 10, 2022

Many people think the motivation for their goals, in their work or personal life, is out of their control. They constantly expect external rewards for the work they’re interested in. However, there’s no need for this, because there’s already a guiding principle or primary...

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Why you should be grateful in life?

mind Dec 03, 2022

Everything in the universe is in perfect balance. When we become aware of this, our hearts overflow with unconditional love and gratitude. At that moment, we feel incredible gratitude to those around us. We shed tears of gratitude, as we understand the divine order and perfect harmony that reigns...

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