mind Jun 23, 2023

Is your perception of free will an illusion?

According to some scientists the interaction between conscious and unconscious thoughts are what makes your free will an illusion. Of course, that is dependent upon the actual description of your free will, whether true transcendent liberation or simple animal avoidance and seeking decisions. 

Your subconscious mind stores all previously conscious and unconscious splits or expressions and repressions and initiates many reactions.

You have a free will, but it is your present unconscious or previous subconscious minds that are more commonly in charge, the id-ego. We can say, you have free will only if you are able to govern your thoughts and consciousness. Information from your unconscious thoughts and decisions can spill into your conscious thoughts and decisions which are superego determined.

The Latin root of the word ‘’decision’’ means ‘’to cut’’ or ‘’to kill’’. The terms ‘’decide could mend ‘’to bring death to an option sometimes in both your perceptions and actions.’’ It is rather a change of perception then a change of behaviour. 

Your present unconscious and previous subconscious impulses, desires and instincts often impel what you think or do. You oftener make decisions without giving them much thought, or at least before you think about them consciously. Your desire can be very self deceptive. Your unconscious half of your lower mind run higher mind shapes many of your ady to day interactions The ratio of your objective and reasonable to subjective and bias thoughts and feelings will vary with every decision. Preconceptions or preconceived theories can subjectively influence and bias your observations.

Readiness potentials in your brain precede your conscious decisions in actions by 200-800  millisecond. Your conscious decision depends on your conscious mental fields, which emerges from your brain activities, but it is nıt itself  physically determined by them. This conscious mantel fields integrates or unifies the different activities in your brain. Most of your processes or habits are unconscious.


Only conscious reasoning , intuitions and objective intentions have impact on your actions and can be called free will. 

FREE WILL may require you to dualistically step ousted your brain structure’s and modify how it works with your transcendent, entangled higher mind. 

Your higher-mad mental faculties are neither reducible to, nor distinct fro, the workings of your brain. Your forebrain is your most executive structure known It enables you to access your higher minded functions which can be called free will. 

For our actions or reactions to change, our mind has to change.

Pre-quantum, classical, mechanistic, Newtonian physics isolated consciousness and free will from the research domain of physicits. Newtonian determinism denied the possibility of free will. There was mind and there is matter and physiology - a dualism. Physicist dealt with matter. The determinism and free will paradox was avoided. Free will was relegated to psychology, philosophy and theology. With quantum physics the paradox of your conscious free will is no longer avoided. Your subjective reality differs between you and other people. You create your own individual psychological reality. Objective reality, or actuality, is a transcendent reality that you and other agree on- the synthesis and synchronicity or complementary opposites. 


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