strategy Jun 02, 2023

The central executive network is engaged in higher order cognitive and attentional control. When you must engage your conscious brain to work on a problem, place information in your working memory as you think, focus your attention on a test or problem, you are thinking and must focus your controlled attention.

The positive supportive and negative challenging tendencies that synchronously coexist within and around you and the tensions between them, and the problems or challenges that they generate, are the primary sources of inspired creativity. Problems are perceptual.

According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi creative breakthroughs rarely if ever just come out of the blue, are generally the result of years of diligent and close, focused attention to some objective. Luck comes after years of detailed work in the area in which the discovery is made.

Truly creative people work for their own sake, and they make public discovery or become famous that is a bonus. What drive sthem, more then rewards, is the desire to find or create order where there was none before. They defy all norms, dogma, tradition and custom.They generally master their particular domain. TO do new things you first do old things well.

Immanuel Kant, who started out as a student of Leibniz, remained mainly in his study room or the University of Konigsberg classroom for most of his life. Kant’s life was a life of thought. Thoughts are to him the centre of the universe. Because of his fame students came from all around the world to attend his lectures.

Creative people love their lives and their creativity. They have a curiosity and drive. They look for patterns where others see confusion. They can lame connections between discreet areas of knowledge. They want to devote attention to their inspiring work. That gravitate to where their interests can be satisfied, where there are like minded people and where their work can be appreciated. They love beautiful or inspiring environments. They demonstrate a selfless devotion to their domain. They have confidence that they have much to contribute and that they will make their mark and be part of something greater. They inspire others to achieve more. Many were orphans and little contract with their father and more connection with their mothers. Some were poor or disadvantaged but their parents pushed them to educational attainments and others grew up in families of intellectuals, reseacrhers, professionals, writers or musicians.

Creative genius thinking is the ability to imagine what is beleived to have never existed. Creativity actually thrives on remembered of imagined challenge, criticism and debate, which forces the engagement of new ideas. The anterior super temporal gyrus is the neural correlate of insight and is active seconds before a creative epiphany.


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