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We discussed and said a lot about mastery. Mastery is our focus today. What should be done on the path to mastery, and how may being a master be accelerated? We'll try to find answers to questions like: Let us begin with with the words of Sri Ramakrishna: 

"God lives within you as you, and you don't have to do anything to be recognized by God or to realize who you are. This is who you are in your most natural state. Turn your attention inward, to your being, and abandon all quests. And give your mind over to a self that is at the core of who you are. Right now, the only direct and immediate way for you to have this experience is to do it yourself.

Inquiry into oneself

Self-questioning, as Sri Ramakrishna put it, leads to self-actualization by devoting the mind to the self. That is why the Nevşah Institute's curriculum emphasizes self-questioning.

We must constantly examine our thoughts. If you truly want to alter your life, if you truly want to live masterfully, if you truly want to dedicate yourself to becoming a member of the master class, you must begin with questioning yourself.

You must begin questioning yourself mentally. You must first question your mental tendencies. You must understand that what you name good is not necessarily good, and what you term evil is not necessarily bad. You must recognize that your mind is filled with mental patterns. That is something you must understand.

The Benefits of Meditating on a Regular Basis

Meditation is a method of self-inquiry and self-questioning. Of course, daily meditation can help us do all of this. After comprehending this, we must clear our minds of any mental patterns and move on to a more objective state of consciousness.

We start to see change when we meditate consistently and pay attention to our feelings and inner vitality. We leave the human, the mortal realm when we spend time in the live life force of our existence. When we set aside our human thoughts, deeds, and truths and spend time in the infiniteness of life, transformation happens on its own. That is where we find actual power and energy.

The ability to transform oscillations between pain and pleasure into satisfaction determines a person's level of enlightenment.As long as there is a cycle of pain and pleasure in your life, you will be in a distorted consciousness.

Masters Don't Suffer

Because he doesn't seek pleasure, a master doesn't suffer. The master of life does not suffer; it is as if he is in a paradise where there is no more sorrow. There is no pain or pleasure at this position, as it is the highest point. And we get there by not trying to escape suffering or seeking pleasure.

Most of the world right now is trying to escape from pain; attempting to relax and think positively. As a result, the majority of the globe is not a master. That is why, throughout history, the proportion of masters has never exceeded 3% of the world's population.


Change Yourself, Not the World

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself," Tolstoy stated.

The majority is attempting to change the world; he believes there is a mistake in the world because he finds flaws in it. Because many people have a distorted perspective.

What Do Masters Do?

The masses try to change the world and ignore themselves. What about masters? What do masters who have worked with their minds, noticed all of their judgments, realized the meanings they ascribe to the world, and realized that pleasure and misery are two sides of the same coin accomplish?

Nothing in the world attracts masters. They realize that everything in the world is the same to them. Make sure you do as well; pleasure and agony are indistinguishable from one another. Good and negative experiences are not dissimilar.

The master is the one who recognizes the two's equality and how they balance each other. Because a master is someone who spends time and energy working with his thoughts.

Is It Enough to Have a Desire to Master?

The following question now comes to mind. What are the methods used by masters to master? How did masters get their current status? Let me begin by telling you a little about myself to answer this question: I'm not telling you this from a book; I'm telling you from personal experience. This is something that my students are fully aware of.

So, did I get to this position by merely wanting to master it? No way. I've been meditating consistently for 25 years and have reached this place. I've gotten this far by continuing to apply 5 of the 5 ideas I taught on a daily basis.

Every day, I started spending two and a half hours of my day thinking, spending time with my mind.

Embrace Everything in Life

Nothing we don't want to happen in life must first be in our brains if we want our entire lives to be exactly as we want them to be.  When we embrace everything that happens in life, it starts to feel like heaven.

According to Darwin, the most crucial feature for a species' survival is not its strength, but its ability to adapt to change. So he's referring to a very high level of intelligence. Everyone's intelligence allows them to adjust to change at the same pace.

True intelligence, on the other hand, is about our ability to adapt to change, about neutral consciousness. Because we can only advance easily if we are neutral in our consciousness and look at the truth, if we look at life with a balanced consciousness, objectively with a higher intellect, and if we do not categorize situations as good or bad.

Every experience, no matter how wonderful or awful, binds our feet because it causes emotional anguish. Everything, in reality, emerges, passes, and transforms. Everything changes all the time on a global scale. The only reason for suffering is to give it a meaning and cling to a particular memory.

Genuine satisfaction is in the heart

True satisfaction develops in the heart,  when you connect to the witnessing part of yourself through the understanding of Anika. Saints and sages have described the holy union, the divine balance that occurs in the heart, throughout history. In its existence there is a balance of shiva and shakti unity. In the circle of life, there is a masculine population and a feminine surrender. It is the experience of the master's consciousness to witness and unconditionally accept everything. You must be open to all types of changes in order to open your heart and soul.

Live in the supposedly solid world, dance with it, keep yourself busy, but be free from it all at the same time. rue happiness and true satisfaction are not the polar opposites of unhappiness. Unhappiness is the polar opposite of temporary enjoyment experienced in the world.

The Only Goal of Mastering: To Be Real

True happiness and true satisfaction include both happiness and unhappiness. Just as love contains hate, so does hate contain love. And only a balanced state of mind allows you to feel this. It can be understood at a very low level of consciousness. This is the master's consciousness.

Being yourself, being real, is the only goal and main criterion for mastery. We do not try to be anyone when we are in true consciousness, when we are free of the meanings we ascribe to life, when the concept of good and bad is gone.

Thus, we move away from the subjective  to an objective point of view. We become ourselves because we are not trying to be anyone or anything else. The most significant difference between a master and a common leader is their naturalness and reality.

How is it Possible to Master?

A man's mastery is only possible with his consciousness. It is also possible to master consciousness by releasing oneself from the meanings that one has connected to the world. The level of consciousness where right and wrong are not separated from each other, everything is both right and wrong, is the level that a master has reached by working consciously for years.

That's why, even if I don't offer it, my ardent students of consciousness have began to demand a deeper and lengthier curriculum. As a result, the Nevşah Institute's curriculum was expanded to a four-year program.

You may wonder why. Because the teacher can only be ready when the student is ready. Masters such as Şems and Mevlâna and their students have always managed to meet at every stage of history and have traveled the valuable path of mastery.

Reading a book and seeing a few videos isn't enough to get mastery. You must first find a qualified teacher before you can become a master. You'll need someone to mentor and coach you. Recognizing true teachers also necessitates a certain level of consciousness. You can learn both from a genuine expert and from your own potential.

Being yourself is the cornerstone of mastery. To be a true master, you must have your entire ego. You earn all of your humanity by experiencing it, not by reading about it. You gain all of your humanity by expanding your horizons, not by restricting yourself. You can be liberated from your humanity through experiences. Few people are brave enough to embrace their whole ego. This is who I refer to as my students. 

Man Needs Only Himself

It takes a lot of self-awareness to not alter for others and to be true to oneself. It's a fantastic gift to be able to focus solely on what you enjoy and avoid what you don't. Living a life doing what you love is both liberating and challenging. The master class accepts those who are ready to take this exam. You have mastered it when you are able to accomplish this.

You'll need a master who can perform this for the road you'll be walking to do this. If you succeed, your life will begin to become the most significant and meaningful existence you have ever lived. As a result, man just needs himself on this route. You'll need your mind, your conscience, solid methods, a decent teacher, and nothing more but yourself.

The beginning of your enlightenment is when you begin to question yourself. It's here that you understand what you believe to be true isn't. A door opens in your head the moment you say something I know is wrong.

That door swings open, allowing you to achieve self-assurance. Your mind and consciousness begin to enlighten as you begin to question yourself and apply the appropriate approaches to your thoughts.

Yes, our road necessitates a significant amount of effort, time, and wise decisions, but the end result is certain. To be a successful Master's student, you must be self-aware. here is mastery at the end of the path... 

Stay well…


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