The Ultimate Health Formula

There has never been this many breathing problems in the world. Dysfunctional breathing habits are the cause of low energy and poor health in millions of people.

 People suffer from sleeping problems, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit problems, migraine, chronic fatigue, all kind of symptoms due to wrong breathing habits and the solution health professionals often suggest is prescriptive medicine. This can be changed. 

 All of these symptoms can be healed when people learn functional breathing habits. 


We take our first breath and come into this life and we give our last breath and die. The breaths we take in between is called ‘’life’’. 

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your breathing.

Why Breathing? 

Breathing and its potential effects on our lives, positive and negative, are enormous.  In our lifetime we all learn breathing habits.  These habits affect us emotionally and physically. When respiration is compromised by breathing habits it may contribute to or cause a wide variety of emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical changes such as:  dizziness, headaches (migraines), anxiety, concentration problems, tiredness,  stiff muscles, pain in the jaw, difficulty relaxing, needles and pins in the fingertips… or just feeling that you do not get enough air sometimes. These symptoms can have a serious impact on both health and performance in work, sports or on any professional job. 

The Ultimate Health Formula will give you all the tools you need to have a healthy, functional breathing habit, which will give you the capacity to heal more than 200 well known, scientifically proven symptoms of dysfunctional breathing habits, like panic attack, anxiety, attention deficit problems, hypertension, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines and even ADD, ADHD and some chronic illnesses. 

Breathwork is an ancient science. It has been used as the main healing method in the vedic tradition, sufism, Taoism, shamanism, christianity, martial arts and many more. 

We see it being used in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient India, Peru, Equator, Colombia, all over the world. 

By learning more about breathing and how it effects our lives, by getting a detailed BREATH ANALYSIS, diagnosing your breathing issues and working on them one by one, using scientific tools like capnotrainers, working with experts one on one, you too can have a healthier body, a stronger immune system, lower cortisol levels and blood pressure and improve your autonomic response to physical and mental stress.

This will help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleeping quality, clear away trauma and emotional baggages, strengthen your immune system, heal breathing related symptoms (like panic attack, anxiety, attention deficit problems, hypertension, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines and even ADD, ADHD and some chronic illnesses), develop self confidence, overcome fear, self doubt and develop self worth.

A total wellness state is possible when we have full breath awareness. 

And of course, getting nutritional support and following an easy, fast exercise programme is also important for us to get the result we want. 


This package also includes a BONUS PACKAGE. A nature based super foods product package,  a custom made nutrition programme and an exercise video series that will leverage your health and boost metabolism while you are working on your breath.



THE BREATH COURSE: Online home study course series, A total of 42 quality videos, tens of hours of Breathwork training, for beginners and also for people who would like to go further with their Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Program.

LIVE BREATH COACHING FOR ONE YEAR: Live breath coaching and mentoring sessions, through zoom, every month, for 12 months. 

BREATHWORK INTENSIVE RETREAT: A weekend retreat, accommodation and all meals included. 

5 ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS: Powerful transformation sessions you can book with an expert coach in the Nevsah Institute team to work on the areas where you feel stuck and run your life more smoothly.

BREATHING LEARNING PROGRAMME: Personal live interactive webinar based assessment, habit analysis and modification sessions (3 sessions) with a Certified Breathing Behavior analyst, who will work together with you and the use of educational capnography instrumentation to:


  •  Evaluate your breathing behavior.
  •  Collect relevant data.
  •  Recommend the necessary steps toward achieving your goals.
  •  Assist you in overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits. 
  •  Improve your breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry by habit modification. 


Two weeks capnotrainer rental is included in the program. 

OXYMETER: You will receive a Finger Pulse Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Monitor with this programme, which will give you the ability to watch the oxygen in your blood throughout the whole day, before and after your Breathwork sessions.

THE BREATH BOOK: You will be sent an online Breath Book that includes hundreds of breathing techniques, detailed information on Breathing Sciences, methods, tools you can use on your own.

YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION / BREATH HUB APP: One year subscription to Breath Hub, a guided Breathwork app, which includes more than 1000 Breathwork sessions, tens of different Breathwork courses, all created by more than 250 Breathwork experts from all around the world.

BREATH COACHING FEDERATION MEMBERSHIP: You will be part of one of the largest breathwork platforms in the world and will be able to join tens of Free Online Courses and Seminars by world renowned experts.

NATURE BASED SUPERFOODS PACKAGE: A unique blend of organically sourced superfoods packed with antioxidants and adaptogens that will help you become much more healthier, physically, in less than a month.


Breath Awareness Exercises

What are dysfunctional breathing habits and why do we have them?

Breathing Physiology

Breathing Chemistry

Respiration and how it works

Respiratory system

What is a healthy respiration

Breath Analysis

How to work on our dysfunctional breathing habits

Breath Modification Exercises

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Nose breathing

Mouth breathing

Healthy Breathing

Different breathing habits people have and what they mean

How to change our breathing habits

What to watch in breathing sessions

ABC of breathing


Conscious Work

Forgiveness Exercises

3 Levels of Consciousness

Projection Exercise

How to do Breathwork sessions on your own

Sound Healing Exercises


Breathwork sessions for anxiety and panic

Breathwork sessions for healing breathing related symptoms 

Breathwork sessions for chronic body pain and migraine

Breathwork sessions for depression

Breathwork sessions for weight loss

Breathwork sessions for strengtening the immune system

Breathwork session for love and forgiveness

Heart Opening Breathing Exercises

Breathwork sessions for self expression

Breathwork sessions for concentrations

Breathwork sessions for creativity

Breathwork sessions for body awareness
Meditative Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork sessions for pregnancy

Breathwork sessions for more energy and focus

Tibetian 5 rites exercises

Morning Breathwork Rituals for every morning

Qigong Breath Awareness Exercises


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