Breathing Learning Programme

There has never been this many breathing problems in the world. Dysfunctional breathing habits are the cause of low energy and poor health in millions of people.

People suffer from sleeping problems, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit problems, migraine, chronic fatigue, all kind of symptoms due to wrong breathing habits and the solution health professionals often suggest is prescriptive medicine. This can be changed. 

All of these symptoms can be healed when people learn functional breathing habits. 

Personal live interactive webinar based assessment, habit analysis and modification sessions (3 sessions) with a Certified Breathing Behavior analyst, who will work together with you and the use of educational capnography instrumentation to:

  •  Evaluate your breathing behavior.
  •  Collect relevant data.
  •  Recommend the necessary steps toward achieving your goals.
  •  Assist you in overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits. 
  •  Improve your breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry by habit modification. 

Two weeks capnotrainer rental is included in the program. 


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