The Breath Course

Breathing and its potential effects on our lives, positive and negative, are enormous.  In our lifetime we all learn breathing habits.  These habits affect us emotionally and physically. When respiration is compromised by breathing habits it may contribute to or cause a wide variety of emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical changes such as:  dizziness, headaches (migraines), anxiety, concentration problems, tiredness,  stiff muscles, pain in the jaw, difficulty relaxing, needles and pins in the fingertips… or just feeling that you do not get enough air sometimes. These symptoms can have a serious impact on both health and performance in work, sports or on any professional job. 

Online home study course series, A total of 42 quality videos, tens of hours of Breathwork training, for beginners and also for people who would like to go further with their Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Program.


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