The Work

The Work is a simple yet effective questioning process that teaches you how to define and question thoughts that cause all the pain in the world. It is a way of understanding what causes you pain and openly addressing the reasons behind your problems. 
People who consistently practice The Work often report improvement in:
-      Depression: Solve (or even find happiness in) situations that once crippled you.
-      Stress: Live with less anxiety and fear.
-      Relationships: Establish deeper connections and closeness with your partner, mother, father, kids, friends and yourself. 
-      Anger Issues: Understand what angers or hurts you and be less reactive.
-      Mental Clarity: Live and work smarter, more efficiently, and more openly.
-      Energy: Experience constant vitality and well-being.
-      Peace: Explore how to become someone who loves what is. 
This course offers six 2-hour sessions on Byron Katie The Work with The Work facilitator Feza


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