‘Why’ and ‘How’ People

purpose Mar 13, 2022

You must have heard the saying, “If you know the why, the how will take care of itself .”
Nowadays, I see many speakers and leaders in the world focusing on this topic. 
But there is one point they are missing. Not everyone is interested in the ‘why’. Not everyone
lives their life with a clear vision – like a missionary. 
In other words, many people can’t grasp the meaning of having a vision and a mission, of
being a ‘why’ person.
‘Why’ and ‘how’ people are different from each other
People interested in the ‘why’ and those interested in the ‘how’ are wildly different from each
They both definitely need one another. However, more people live at the ‘why’ level than
those living at the ‘how’ level.
So, what is it that I’m talking about right now? Let me explain. 
People with a ‘why’ are the minority
People who have an answer to ‘why’, missionaries with a clear vision, only make up 4% of
the society. These people are true leaders. And for them, there is no distinction between
work, home, life, individuality, priorities, choices, relationships, and social life. The life of a
true leader revolves around one single motive. 
Such people live for their ‘why’s. Their jobs, marriages, relationships, social lives, personal
journeys, and whole life experiences serve a single motive. They won’t stray from that goal –
even for a single moment.
They live knowing their ‘why’ but they are constantly bombarded with questions like “Do
you even rest?”, “Don’t you ever take time off?” or “How do you relax?”.
‘Why’ people live like missionaries
People who know their reasons don’t need to rest, stop, or – in other words – unplug or
recharge. Instead, they live like missionaries because of a motive they haven’t consciously
chosen but are aware of. 
They don’t have the option to rest, stop, or give up. People who stay connected with their
‘why’s on weekdays, weekends, whether at home, at work, on the train, boarding a plane,
socialising, or working out, are true leaders and entrepreneurs. 
These people do things other people can’t. They are behind extraordinary inventions,
projects, scientific developments, or technology platforms. They bring innovations, create
new ideas, and are interested in the WHY, not the HOW.
‘Why’ people need ‘How’ people
Each ‘why’ person needs ‘how’ people. 
People with motives keep thinking with a clear vision and a creative mind – with a constant
focus on their motives. They always set goals, take risks, and create with their powerful

The ‘how’ people are behind the ‘why’ people. They sometimes take time to rest, are not
constantly connected with the WHY and therefore can unplug and not live like a missionary.
They do the ‘how’ part and leave the vision’s maintenance and improvement and the
project’s real management to the visionaries.
The ‘why’ people, the visionaries, cannot move forward without the ‘how’ people. Because
they are always facing the future, they keep coming up with new ideas. But as they go after
innovations with their creative minds, as they are focused on the future of their projects and
their visions, as they think about the things they want to achieve and create strategies 24/7,
others need to deal with the ‘hows’.
Traits of the ‘How’ people
The ‘how’ people and the ‘why’ people are clearly different from each other – especially
when it comes to their way of life. One side wants to feel safe, have their feet firmly on the
ground, wants to go on vacations, take time offs, and spend time with themselves and their
families. The others are entrepreneurs. They take risks, constantly work, think, and never
move away from their visions and missions. These two groups differ significantly –
particularly regarding the big picture in their minds and their level of dedication.
For example, a person who says ‘I don’t work during weekends’ is a HOW person. Those
who work any day, constantly think about their job, tirelessly create and live the life of a
missionary are the WHY people.
So, which one are you?
Please go ahead and write down your answers (and questions you may have) in the comment
section below.
Until next time.


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