What State of Consciousness Are The People In? What Consciousness Are They In If Not Master Consciousness?

strategy Jun 25, 2022

They are of distorted consciousness.

So, what is distorted consciousness?

It is the consciousness of 95% of the world's population. This is the consciousness that sees life through the lens of its own circumstances. Everything is either black or white for those with this consciousness. They assign a good or negative rating to a person. They are blind to the fact that everyone has good and terrible qualities. They may describe someone as an angel while calling someone else as a devil.

When we read the news in the mass media and on all of the news channels that target the general public, we always come across similar stories. They have the ability to make one individual appear violent, immoral, and filthy while making another appear angelic, innocent, and sad. In truth, no one is just good or bad.

Distorted Consciousness is Deceived Consciousness

Those we believe to be good can have evil and murderous characteristics. Those we consider to be evil may have both good and terrible sides. A distorted consciousness is one that does not recognize that nothing in the truth of the world can be one-sided. As a result, deceived consciousness is the distorted consciousness in general.

This group of people with damaged consciousness believes that the world is either black or light. They, on the other hand, are unable to understand that in the world, both darkness and light exist at the same time. They don't realize that all behaviors have the same benefits and drawbacks. These are people who have lost their objectivity and have moved away from intelligence and reasoning because they are unable to look at events, situations, and people objectively.

Life is a Body of Intertwined Meanings

Let's start with death as an example of the subject.

Let's keep going. Death, when regarded from a balanced perspective, is not a singular event or experience. Death is neither nice nor harmful. The death of a person, like the birth of a person, has advantages and disadvantages. There are no good or terrible things in life. Life is a whole of intertwined meanings.

Another example I use in my classes is to politeness. To be polite is neither good nor bad on its own. They're in the same place. Politeness has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Assuming that being nice is always a good thing and being rude is always a negative thing reveals a distorted state of consciousness.

Now take a moment to think about meanings you attach to life. Consider how many human characteristics you can categorize as positive or negative; good or bad.

The Costs of Trying to Be Good

Many people, particularly in Turkey, try to be nice people. People who try to be good move away from their actual reality and their own potential in order to engage in actions and behaviors that they label as good.

Let's take a look at the issue from a different angle: If you're wondering why you can't move forward in life to your full potential, remember that it's because you're attempting to escape your own reality and be excellent.

I'm not going to commend you if I can't see your flaws and you're just trying to be kind. Because it appears to be artificial.

No human person, on the other hand, is simply good or bad. When you are both nice and wicked, you will be fully human.You will develop into a fully realized human being. To be a whole human person, one must be able to recognize all of humanity's characteristics.

So, when we are both polite and unpleasant, we will be real humans. Only being kind isn't genuine; it's a ruse, a hypocrisy. On the opposite side, something is waiting for you. Pretending to be a pleasant person is the role of being a good person.

Characteristics of Master Consciousness

A neutral mind is referred to as a master consciousness. At this level of consciousness, man does not aspire to be anything in particular. It is a concept about which Mevlana says "nothing" and which in Classical Vedic philosophy is described as "zen."

The "TELOS" is the point at when you stop attempting to be anyone or anything and instead allow your entire humanity to shine through, resulting in you becoming a complete and whole person, true and real, and realizing your full potential. According to Greek mythology, this level is also where you become deified. To reach to this stage, you have to put in a lot of effort.

Example of a Study on Consciousness

To become a complete, whole, authentic, and real person, it takes a lot of effort. This work entails conscious work. Do you want to know how much work you still have to do with our consciousness as a foresight?

So start writing down the judgments that are currently running through your thoughts. Make a list of all the behaviors and actions that you think are good or bad.

If you do this, you will have a greater understanding of how many mental distortions you have, why you are not reaching your full potential, and why you are not making progress in all areas of your life.

You can leave all of your questions and comments in the space below the article. Stay in good health...


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