There’s No Luck, There’s Only Focus

purpose Mar 13, 2022

The body of research on the human brain is constantly growing. Sometimes we learn we’re
using very little of our brain capacity, which baffles us. And sometimes, we witness stories of
people using the power of their brains to make the impossible possible. 
The brain is our most perfect and vital organ, and it tirelessly regenerates itself. It destroys
unnecessary connections and neurons and creates new ones depending on our focus and
There is no moving forward without a goal
Our brain prioritizes connections in line with whatever we focus on – and destroys irrelevant
ones. That’s why people with a clear focus find many different ideas about the area they want
to progress in. And this makes it easier for them to move forward towards these goals. 
Let’s go back to the title of this article: there’s no luck, there’s only focus.
Our brain constantly renews its connections. When we obtain a new piece of information,
skill, way of thinking or a perspective, the brain adds new memories to that. Meanwhile, it
erases unnecessary and irrelevant memories.
Why is learning and growing so hard?
As the brain takes these actions, it doesn’t care if you are confused or not. 
That’s exactly why learning and improving are two painful processes for most people. A new
perspective, information or skill comes with confusion. Meanwhile, the brain erases old
information and serves you the new memories it creates. And this, in turn, brings even more
Remember that this is only natural, and be ready to be confused in Nevsah Institute courses…
Dearest friends, 
Know that maintaining your focus is the most important step on your journey to reach your
goals. If you stay connected with your vision and goals each day – in the morning or evening
– you will move forward in the right direction. 
Focus is key to progress.
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Until next time.


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