The Meditation Perception of the Masses and How the Masters Approach Meditation

meditation May 29, 2022

You may have heard a lot about meditation in recent years. Some tend to regard meditation simply as an act of sitting down and waiting for a while with both hands open to the side. Some people, however, have a completely different understanding of meditation. In fact, there are profound differences in the way meditation is perceived as well as in its practice. This article aims to give a brief account of the differences in question.

 If you think that something which the majority does is absolutely true, you are seriously mistaken. When we examine the masses, that is, large groups of people who think they are meditating, we see big mistakes. However, the meditation done by people who have gained insight into life is completely different from the meditation done by the masses. In fact, if we call what the masters do meditation, it would be better to call the other one something else. The difference is that obvious! Here are a few examples to make our case clear:


The Mediation Perception of the Masses

The general understanding of life of the masses develops in the form of escaping from pain and seeking pleasure. People, by nature, try to avoid unrest, pain and unhappiness. Because they tend to regard unhappiness, pain and rage as negative emotions and thoughts. For this reason, they characterize these situations as things that should be avoided. This characterization causes the masses to look at such situations from a more distorted perspective.

 The masses look at events and situations through their own angles. For example, within their life experiences, they pursue a life reality that they call positive and happy, and they separate this reality in their consciousness. The masses pursue dreams and even fantasies that can never come true. To be precise, they want a perfect life- a life without pain, misery, destruction and death. They generally pursue pleasure, wishing to feel good all the time and they try to avoid pain and unhappiness. For this reason, the masses go through situations where they remain dependent on external situations in many ways.


The Mediation Perception of the Masters

Masters realize that life has two sides. They know that the good and the bad or negativity and positivity are actually the same things. They are aware of the benefits of what the masses consider negative, say, suffering and stress. They regard these situations as present realities and accept them as they are.

Masters have a more intelligent perspective on the reality of life. They are blessed with a clearer, a more realistic and a more aware point of view. They possess the maturity to handle and accept everything within the realm of life. That is why they have a deep insight into life.


 Differences between Masters and the Masses

The masses avoid the thoughts they regard as negative. Masters, however, do not avoid any thought. Because the masters are aware of the fact that the current obstacles, which are feared by the masses, actually enable them to prepare for future problems in advance and thus, to take action.

We often see that the majority of people who try to look at life positively are unlikely to cope with the problems that they encounter. Indeed, it’s not a rare case that they have a hard time finding solutions to the problems.

However, a realist person, a master of life, when looking at life, he / she can predict everything that is good and everything that can go wrong. That’s why such people are called Masters. That's what being smart is all about.


What Is True Intelligence?

Being smart isn't just anticipating what might go well in a world of fantasy. True intelligence means being able to foresee the things that may go wrong. It’s about our capacity to take both negativity and positivity into account.

That's what being alert is all about. An alert person is someone who sees both the negative and the positive at the same time. Rather than making an extra effort to be positive, they advance this quality through meditation. Therefore, only a realist person can proceed on the path of meditation.

Realists can move through all 7 layers of consciousness. They eventually reach the zen point, which is the ultimate point of consciousness. A person who comes to the Zen point accepts everything that happens in life and remains in a form of surrendering.


It is Possible to Progress at Every Level of Consciousness

We have certain limits and borderlines. It is, in most cases, not possible for a person to change what is going on in life. Only if we manage to accept the reality of life along with regular, correct, and genuine meditation can we move forward easily at all levels of consciousness.

There are two important principles for moving forward at every level of consciousness. The first is the ability to accept ourselves as we are. The second principle is to see the fact that we need to confront ourselves. Based on these principles, people who think they are meditating first need to face themselves and accept their reality.

Before you start to meditate, question yourself: If you still have emotions that you avoid and don't want to experience, you can't really meditate. Masters achieve this and practice real meditation.

As you can see in our article, the reason why the masses meditate is mostly to feel better. However, it is difficult to call that a meditation. In fact, there are very serious differences between the meditation studies carried out by the masters and what the masses do.

Do you also want to become more aware of these differences and experience true meditation? I look forward to your questions and comments on this topic.

Stay well…


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