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Mastery and Success in All Aspects of Life

To achieve mastery, you must make complete growth in all aspect of your life. So, why is advancement in all aspects of life so important?

Because we perceive the most perfect step in the moment and take it if we are awake at a particular level of intelligence and live life with watchful eyes, if we live by gazing at the reality rather than through the veil behind our own illusions.

What is the Best Action to Take?

So, for all of us, what is the most perfect step in the truth of the moment? Is there such a thing as right and wrong? Is there anything that needs to be done at all times in life?

This is a question to which I have two answers: yes and no.

Yes, since we all have certain values in life. Yes, because we all have specific objectives in life. Yes, because in the truth of the moment, there are the most perfect measures to be done and that we can take to get to our goals in the shortest and fastest time possible.

And we become aware of this perfect step in the moment only when we are completely awake with this step, when we have reached a certain level of intelligence in our consciousness.

So, what is wrong here?

Any action that does not drive us to our objectives, or that inhibits us from getting the results we desire, is wrong. As a result, there is nothing that we can call right or incorrect right now. Everyone has their own right and wrong.


The Relationship Between Intelligence and Life Progress

Intelligence is defined as the ability to improve in all aspects of one's life. Because a person with true intellect is capable of achieving his or her goals in all aspects of life.

I'll recommend some courses and exercises to help you raise your level of consciousness. In all aspects of life, mastery consciousness advances. It is critical that you comprehend and internalize this.

If you advance in one area of your life while falling into emptiness in another, if you are abundant in one area but deficient in the other, you have not yet gained mastery.

If you're progressing in your career, you're progressing.

Let's take a realistic look at life.

For all of these reasons, I invite you to take a fresh look at life. If you have an illusion in one aspect of your life, if you live with some conditioning, if you have a deficiency in one area of our lives, it impacts the others.

For example, you may have a financial difficulty, but your family life, social life, and personal growth are all excellent. Money has an impact on all other aspects of your problem in such an environment and causes you to feel empty.

Many of the marriages I know have ended due to financial difficulties. I know a lot of people who are cut off from their social groups due to financial difficulties. Many people I know are despised and shunned by their families due to financial difficulties. I've also met people who have been in the opposite circumstance. For example, I know parents who are unable to play with their children because they have lost their health, and as a result, their relationship with their children has worsened.


Understanding Life as a Whole

Dear friend, life is a whole. There are no boundaries in life.

As a result, in this post, I ask you to consider life as a whole.

Every aspect of life is interconnected, and we have absolute conditioning in whichever area we find ourselves in a void. Unfortunately, this conditioning has an impact on every aspect of life. A true master, one who has worked with his consciousness and has become enlightened, may progress in all aspects of life. You ask why?

You might wonder why.

Because if we have fully woken in our consciousness and are in a balanced consciousness, if we can now look at life objectively, we wisely take the steps that are required in the current truth in all aspects of life, not just one.

We gain results when we take conscious and deliberate steps. As a result, it is impossible for our relationships to not work at that level, to not be able to progress in social life, to not be able to progress in business, to not be able to advance in their careers, and to have financial and health issues.

Executive Consciousness

A true master does not waste his or her life struggling. With his intellect and consciousness, he controls everything. As a result, I'll refer to this level as "directing consciousness" because mastery is a degree of consciousness.

All of life can be ruled by a fully enlightened mind. He keeps track of all of his relationships and builds strong bonds with them. A leader is always a person who has awakened to executive consciousness. Awakened in executive consciousness, a person is always a leader. It has an impact on the people around it. A person who has been awakened to executive consciousness always advances in his or her work and career. He is always in leadership roles because he is a well-liked and respected individual.

Every day, those who have executive consciousness make progress in their own development. Every day, he grows in his personality and grows stronger personally and physically.

What Should Be Done To Master Consciousness?

It should be stated at this point that mastering consciousness is not as simple as one might believe. First and foremost, you must recognize that mastering consciousness is not something that can be accomplished by following in the footsteps of the masses.

Stop watching everything the masses are watching if you want to master our consciousness. You must quit imitating the majority. Because the number of people who have been able to live life skillfully throughout history, who have been able to progress in all areas of life and at every level of life with that awakened consciousness by adding their intelligence, strategic planning, and management ability of their consciousness, and growing in a balanced way with extraordinary satisfaction, is only 3% of the world population. They are not well-known, as you can see.

So, why and how are these people able to advance with enlightened consciousness at every level of life? Because they are not following in the footsteps of the masses.

A master never follows the crowd's lead. The masses, on the other hand, repeat what a master has done before. The masses 'behavior and the masters' actions are diametrically opposed.

As someone who has spent years investigating this topic, I can say: The masters, no matter what field they are in, never do what the majority do.

So, starting today, if you want to master life, turn off the popular films, networks, programs, and publications that the people watch.

Look for leaders who are true experts in their fields. Look for individuals who have made a real difference in their lives. Begin following and researching these people. It's possible that these guys don't have millions of followers. They may or may not be well-known figures. Because leaders at that level serve a small number of masters rather than the general public.

I wish you to live your life masterfully, stay well…


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