How Our Mind Affects Our Lives: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

You can think of life as clear water; the only thing reflected in it is your mind. If your mind is filled with thought patterns that pull you down, if a voice is constantly judging you, if the sentences you speak to yourself are all criticism and lack compassion, if you consider yourself “unlucky,” life will vindicate you. Conversely, if your mind is filled with positive thoughts and self-compassion, life will also reflect this back to you. Your mind has a much bigger impact on your life than you might think.

Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves thinking negative thoughts. Thoughts like “I'll never succeed at this” or “I'm never going to get lucky anyway” can creep into our subconscious and cause us to fail. This phenomenon is known in psychology as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” But what exactly are these prophecies?

A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person predicts the outcome of an event, and this prediction influences their behavior and attitudes, leading to the predicted outcome. In other words, a person's beliefs and expectations shape the course of events, causing the expectations to come true. This concept was first introduced by American sociologist Robert K. Merton in 1948.

The functioning of these prophecies takes place in three main stages:

1. Belief and Expectation: A person develops a belief or expectation about a particular situation or event. This expectation can be positive or negative.
2. Behavior and Attitude: This belief and expectation influence a person's behavior and attitudes. The person starts to act in accordance with this expectation.
3. Outcome: The person's behaviors and attitudes affect the outcome of events, leading to the realization of the initial expectation.

How Can We Stop Self-Fulfilling Prophecies?

Recognizing the effects of our mind on our lives is the first step. Accepting that you are the architect of your own life gives you great freedom and power. You can use this power in every step, every decision, every new beginning in your life. Let's look at what you can do step by step:

  • Develop Awareness: Recognizing our own thought patterns and beliefs is the first step to breaking these prophecies.
  • Think Positively: Developing positive thoughts and expectations can positively influence our behavior and results.
  • Believe in Yourself: Believing in ourselves and our abilities enables us to achieve positive results.

Self-fulfilling prophecies show the powerful influence of our beliefs and expectations on our lives. Developing positive beliefs and thoughts can make our lives happier and more successful. Remember, your thoughts can shape your destiny.


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