strategy May 22, 2022

Is the death an acquired trait?

You may like to think of death as unavoidable. And you might beleive that all things must die. It makes yoru own mortality easier to bear. Yet single celled life forms don’t necessarily ever die. They can beat the odds and indeed every surviving amoeba on earth has been alive for billions of years. So there are species which do not die. They go on living forever.

So maybe death is not inevitable and is just an evolutionary trait. Your death may be a competitive advantage devised by multi-celled life forms. 

But if your death is something that your distant ancestors created, a necessary ‘’evil’’ that helped them and now you more effectively compete with immortal species? What is your death is not even a necessary evil, but beneficial?

What is your death gene was you DNA programming taht limits your life span? Something that makes your dying much more predicable than random accidents otherwise would. Evidence of this is all around you. Most insect species live a season or most. Dogs are good for ten to fifteen years. You may live 60 yo 100 years.

Possibly, your enviromental or anatomical constraints also determine your life span. But will you just live your 70+ years because your DNA tells you to. 

There is a sequence on your forth chromosome that may stop your cells from ‘’living and dividing infinitely’’ after their allotted life span. Such a death gene is thought to be crucial in controlling cancer. Cancer cells have various alterations that keep them alive and allow them to divide well beyond your allotted life span. 

Cancer may be caused by an alteration in your death gene. 

And it may well be caused because people choose to go beyond or opposite to their destiny, their already existing path, with the illusion of ‘’you have a choice.’’ Do we really? And what happens when we go beyond our path? Ourselves? Our lives?  

Without cellular death, complex multi-celled life cannot exist. 

Maybe death helps life to compete. 

And maybe your need to overcome death is the only problem. 

Not really understanding what death is and trying to fight with it, instead of embracing and loving it.

Programmed cell and organism death has something in common with sex. Both are fundamental to complex life. Nearly all higher plants and animals use them and so the evidence is strong that they are highly useful competitive tools. 

Sure, sex may be perceived to be pleasant but death not. Both when you think about it, both sex and death are unselfish acts that inconvenience you for the benefit of your species.

As much as you think you enjoy sex, you might wonder whether your 20+ years of parental servitude is a cost worth your five minutes of pleasure. :)

Your sex and its consequences are enjoyable because rewards work better than punishment and your genes know that.

Your DNA is like the soul of life. And your DNA remains immortal. Your death may be genetically programmed rather than inevitable. Your death may allow your DNA patterns to more successfully survive and evolve. 

If you knew, it was bad for you and very dangerous for society, your children, your loved ones, would you eliminate death if you could?

Probably not.

Life is an evolutionary journey. Humans who lived on earth hundreds of years ago wouldn’t be able to survive the envoirement of today. Your body, thoughts and your overall programming is perfect for the period you live in, but won’t make any good after that. It would be waste, harmful, neurotic. Would you want that for the next generation?

The next generation are programmed for life after. They are programmed for the next 100 years, not you or I. 

By the way, destructive as it is, death is also the soul of human motivation. What would you ever strive for without it? Right?

You are part of every ecosystem on earth.

Your physical body builds and destroys itself constantly. 

Just as your physical body is a subspecies of the macro system that lives outside, it is also a super-species of the micro-ecosystem that lives inside. 

Your physical body contains and maintains an equilibrium of microorganisms that produce, compose and build as well as consume, decompose and destroy. A complete independent food chain exists within you.

As in the teachings of the Trimurti in ancient Hinduism, whereby there are three deities in one, Brahma, Creator, Vishnu the maintainer and Shiva the destroyer, so too in your physical body and life, there exists three aspects in one. 

Life, death and eternity.

Your physical body depends on building, maintaining and destroying microorganisms for its evolution. Without bacteria and viruses, your physical body and yourself wouldn’t be able to evolve. 


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