Cancer and Tumors

strategy May 15, 2022

Families of genes are suspected to be important in cancer, such as those encoding enzymes involved in cell-cycle known as tyrosine kinases which is sympathetic and phosphatases which is parasympathetic. 

Many different combinations of mutations can transform a normal cell into a cancer cell. Each tumor, even within one individual, can differ greatly. Tumors have malignant and non-malignant cells. Turning off the activity of the oncogene cause cells to undergo apoptosis. There are similarities in the behavior of stem cells and cancer cells, both have an unlimited ability to divide. Both are sensitive to the cellular environment, or niche, in which they grow, and many of the genes known to be active in stem calls are also activated in cancer cells.

Tumors are a mixture of malignant and non-malignant cells and  blood and lymph vessels, all embedded in a fibrous material known as the extracellular matrix. Compression of this matrix can collapse blood vessels, which can foster cancer progression though the deprivation oxygen (hypoxia) and restriction of cancer eating immune cells and further activation of malignant cells as well as furthering fibroblastic matrix formation.

Computer models, are ow enabling scientists to explore the complex biochemical processes that drive cancer growth. This is called ‘’cell-molecular inventory control’’ for cancer. It is exploring how cells dysregulate and become carcinogenic. As a natural part of cells life cycle, the cells multicellular organisms engage programmed cell death, which is called cell suicide, for cellular removal. Cancer cells avoid programmed cell death, and their uncontrolled growth fuels tour progression. 

This I call, ‘’the over desire for life.’’ 

I have worked hundreds of cancer patients, studied their minds and breathing habits and have seen an over desire for life and lack of the ability of letting go, the ability to die, let go, relax. They are too attached to life, which in my opinion disturbs the cell suicide process and leads to uncontrolled growth which results as tumors.

That is why I beleive ‘’learning to let go’’, learning to give up, relax, die in the moment, total surrender can be the ultimate cure for cancer. I have seen tens of people heal cancer by allowing death to happen in their bodies and in their cells. Although ‘’giving up’’ is very intimidating for them, learning that, relaxing, letting go, giving up, letting yourself to die, either into someone’s arms or maybe just your breath, can help the healing process.

As healthy cells normally destruct themselves, cancer cells avoid removal signals.

Your lopsided sensory perceptions, exaggeration and minimization, one sidedness, create lopsided memes, self righteous or self wrongeous personas. And these create lopsided phones and lopsided genes. DNA has the ability to turn on and off large areas of itself. 

When you turn on or turn of certain thoughts and become self righteous or self wrongeuous, you turn on of off large areas of your DNA.

Life wishes and death wishes can manifest themselves memo typically, phenotypically and genotypical. When they maintain equilibrium, wellness exists and equilibrium of health and disease, growth and death occurs, giving rise to true wellness.

‘’People desire death when two fundamental needs are frustrated to the point of extinction: namely, the need to belong with or connect to others, and the need to feel effective with or to influence others.’’

Thomas Joiner Ph D


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