Basics of Meditation: What are the Different Types of Meditation?

meditation May 01, 2022

Meditation is a reliable method that has been practiced in various cultures for centuries. Today, many different types of meditation practices are performed. People practice sleep meditations to drift off comfortably, morning meditations to start the day off right and some choose 5–10-minute meditations for a quick break during the day. Before I briefly tell you about all the different meditation methods, I'd like to say that Vedic meditation has a different place among all these. All other methods are beginner-level practices aimed at relaxation and increasing awareness and can be done under someone's guidance. On the other hand, Vedic meditation is a completely different path to mastery.  



As a result of years of research, practice, and training, I can say that the most effective and powerful meditation method is Vedic meditation. In fact, we can't refer to classical Vedic meditation as one of the many meditation techniques. Vedic meditation is the oldest meditation method and is the ancestor of all the techniques we know today. You need to practice it by yourself, without anyone else's guidance. You can easily turn Vedic meditation into a daily habit and observe its effects very clearly in your daily life. Transcendental meditation, which is a prevalent method, is also a version of Vedic meditation. 



Mindfulness meditation is one of the widely practiced meditation practices in the world. It teaches to remain present by focusing on the moment and is very effective in stress management. We learn to let go of our worries and concerns about the past and the future through mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation fosters mental strength and emotional balance and is a simple and effective practice.  



Love and compassion set the stage for balanced and healthy relationships in our lives. Heavy feelings such as anger, hatred, and jealousy, on the other hand, harm both ourselves and our relationships. The absence of compassion brings us down and hurts us. Meditating in such cases is extremely effective for enhancing love, compassion, and kindness. Self-love and self-respect allow us to develop a genuine understanding that encompasses the entirety of existence.  



Many people prefer guided meditation practices. It can be an instructive and nourishing experience, especially for those just starting meditation. Guided meditation can be done through live or recorded lessons. It is very practical, as it can be performed anytime and anywhere. Guided meditations are especially helpful in relieving daily life difficulties such as insomnia and pain.  



Sitting in a fixed position for a long time can be challenging for some people. This is where movement meditation comes into play, where the body is actively involved in meditation. Dynamic practices such as yoga and Kundalini or walking meditations help relax and rejuvenate the body and the mind. 



Kundalini is another extremely powerful and effective practice. Kundalini meditation must be learned from a master teacher. After receiving adequate training, you can easily practice Kundalini on your own. Kundalini meditation elevates awareness by stimulating the Kundalini energy, promoting mind-body harmony and spiritual transformation. 


  •    BODY SCAN

The body scan method is especially effective in relaxing the body and unwinding. I recommend it to those new to meditation, as it improves the ability to observe your thoughts nonjudgmentally. It is also great for developing body awareness. In this method, the idea is to focus on various parts of the body in a certain order, tense up and release that area for complete relaxation. It is a powerful way of relieving problems such as physical tension, pain, and insomnia. 



Our mind is constantly occupied with feelings and thoughts that come and go. This condition, called the monkey mind, makes it difficult to focus. Focused meditation helps to overcome this challenge and calm the disorganized mind. In this practice, we can focus on any sound, object, sensation, or breathing. During practice, thoughts may interfere, and we may lose focus. The goal is to return to our focus gently each time and maintain concentration without judgment. Focusing meditation is an effective practice that improves mental relaxation and our ability to concentrate.  



Visualization meditation is a method where our imagination is a part of the meditation process. Portraying in our mind a situation that we want to happen creates an effective awareness space to reach it. By relaxing the body and mind, we create a vision in which we achieve the desired state, such as health, success, or abundance. We create a real experience and channel our energy into this experience by actively involving all five senses in the process. When practiced regularly, this method can help us reach our dreams.  



The word mantra means the instrument of the mind in the Sanskrit language. We channel our mental strength through sound vibrations when we chant a mantra. Those familiar with meditation, yoga, or breathwork have surely heard the word, Om. The Om sound is one of the most well-known and powerful mantras. Mantra meditations are easy and effective practices that we can turn to whenever we need them. 



Vipassana, which means seeing what's happening as it is, is a kind of meditation where we face our past and connect with the present. The practitioners go on a silent inner journey for a certain period. Vipassana, where we direct our attention to the body and internal states, requires more focus and dedication than other types of meditation. It is especially effective in treating challenging habits such as substance abuse.  



In addition to all these methods, we also need to mention breathing meditation. This is actually not a completely different method but involves concentrating on the breath to calm the mind in many different techniques, such as mindfulness or body scan. You can manipulate the breath in breathing meditations or simply focus on its natural flow.


I hope that you've found this information helpful and useful.


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