9 Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful People

strategy Apr 24, 2022

We all want to succeed; we all want to achieve our dreams. If you want to succeed, you're already halfway there. However, you need some qualities to be able to go the other half. The universe does not just respond to requests and grant wishes. The habits we unknowingly develop and some of our personality traits may be the biggest obstacles to our success.  

So now, if you are also wondering about how to be successful, let's talk about some of the tell-tale signs of unsuccessful people and understand what to do to achieve success.

  1.   Having a negative mindset

A negative mindset is the most fundamental feature of unsuccessful people. They are so determined to not succeed that desperation is second nature to them. A state of mind focused on the negative causes us to fear the steps we need to take and hinders our progress.


  1.   Being too emotional 

Emotions are essential on the path to success, of course, as long as we know how to recognize and manage them. However, relying on feelings in our decision-making process and acting emotionally when taking steps often mislead us. Unsuccessful people are incapable of overcoming their emotions. They live in the shadow of episodic memories of the past and move away from the reality of the present. When we are prisoners of emotions, we get trapped in a subjective point of view. This, in turn, prevents us from maintaining our objectivity and embracing the possibilities that life offers us.  


  1.   Not knowing your life's purpose 

Our life's purpose has to do with answering that great, age-old question: "Why?" But unfortunately, failure simply passes this question by. When our life's purpose is unclear, we don't know where we are in life and where we are going to go. As a result, we may get caught up in lethargy or find ourselves being dragged from place to place by external forces. And we may end up trapped in situations that we don't want to be in at all.


  1.   Not working on strategy 

Setting strategies for our goals allows us to take confident steps on the path to success. On the other hand, unsuccessful people have difficulty creating a specific strategy. They lack insight and cannot calculate their steps ahead of time. Failure to stick to a particular plan causes them to return to their starting point each time they make a mistake. Eventually, they grow so frustrated that they give up.  


  1.   Inability to focus 

Focusing allows us to move forward quickly in the areas we value in life. Approaching our goals in a determined and disciplined way depends on our ability to focus. Whatever we are focused on, our brain prioritizes the connections in this area and eliminates irrelevant ones. This is why people with a clear focus have a greater number of creative ideas about the area they want to progress in. And they move more smoothly towards their goals. Conversely, unsuccessful people are those who rapidly lose their focus. They get bored easily, fail to pay the necessary attention to projects, and move from one thing to another. And they end up with countless half-finished tasks and an exhausted mind.  


  1.   Procrastinating 

Procrastination is a problem many people suffer from. However, overcoming it is one of the keys to success. In order to move forward in life, it is necessary to complete a task that needs to be done at the right time and move on to the next step. When you're constantly postponing tasks, you are not only failing to make progress, but you're also causing tasks to pile up— until your dream project turns into a giant burden that you will never be able to manage.  


  1.   Closing yourself off to criticism 

We all want to be perfect in what we do and our relationships. But one learns by making mistakes. The people who show us our mistakes -even if in a cruel way- actually do us the greatest favor. We improve when we constructively evaluate the criticism we receive and learn from them. Unsuccessful people do not appreciate criticism, react emotionally to them, and feel hurt. And this stands in the way of progress.  


  1.   Blaming others 

Regardless of the consequences, taking responsibility for our actions is an important character trait that leads to success. Unsuccessful people are those who cannot take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they constantly blame others for the difficulties and shortcomings in life. This fuels the victim psychology and leads to profound misconceptions about ourselves. As we confine ourselves to a world of illusions, it becomes impossible for us to see the truth and do what is necessary. When this is the case, encountering the same problems repeatedly is inevitable.  


  1.   Not knowing yourself 

Every person is different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yourself means knowing your strong suits and shortcomings and what you can and cannot do. What are you naturally inclined to do? What are your skills, what are your values? In which areas do you shine, and in which areas do you struggle? Answering these questions is essential to becoming successful. Unsuccessful people have trouble facing themselves. They bark up the wrong trees and miss areas they can actually thrive at. In the end, the life they build turns into a source of unhappiness and inadequacy.  

Dear friends, my task is to support those who want to move forward in all areas of life and teach them what I know. As a teacher who knows the secrets of mastering life, my goal is to help you with this. If you also want to master life and are interested in these issues, please share your questions and comments with us. 



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