What State of Consciousness Are The People In? What Consciousness Are They In If Not Master Consciousness?

strategy Jun 25, 2022

They are of distorted consciousness.

So, what is distorted consciousness?

It is the consciousness of 95% of the world's population. This is the consciousness that sees life through the lens of its own circumstances. Everything is either black or white for those with this consciousness. They...

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Uncategorized Jun 11, 2022

 In the globalizing world, commercial competitiveness and related challenges are becoming more prevalent. Some people give up their lives to better the lives of others by working in occupations they don't particularly enjoy or select. Some people, on the other hand, recognize the...

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Uncategorized Jun 05, 2022

Please keep your eyes and ears open.

Take a look around you...

It's as if someone has discovered a simple way to be happy, peaceful, prosperous, and wealthy.

Others, on the other hand, are always in financial and moral troubles...

I wonder why? What is the root of the problems? What should be...

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The Meditation Perception of the Masses and How the Masters Approach Meditation

meditation May 29, 2022

You may have heard a lot about meditation in recent years. Some tend to regard meditation simply as an act of sitting down and waiting for a while with both hands open to the side. Some people, however, have a completely different understanding of meditation. In fact, there are profound...

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meditation May 22, 2022

Meditation has recently gained a lot of popularity. Meditation has also sparked a lot of interest. One of the most common questions I hear from you is how to start meditating? Now, I'm going to tell you the answer in this essay.

First and foremost, my most crucial piece of advice for you is to...

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strategy May 22, 2022

Is the death an acquired trait?

You may like to think of death as unavoidable. And you might beleive that all things must die. It makes yoru own mortality easier to bear. Yet single celled life forms don’t necessarily ever die. They can beat the odds and indeed every surviving amoeba on...

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Cancer and Tumors

strategy May 15, 2022

Families of genes are suspected to be important in cancer, such as those encoding enzymes involved in cell-cycle known as tyrosine kinases which is sympathetic and phosphatases which is parasympathetic. 

Many different combinations of mutations can transform a normal cell into a cancer cell....

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strategy May 08, 2022

Before we start looking into toxic relationships, it’s essential to understand what that phrase actually means. When a relationship becomes toxic, that is, two sides argue to the point where they cause each other distress, it means they fail to see how they serve each other. At the root of...

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strategy May 08, 2022

We are all social beings. We live by communicating with each other – we maintain our social lives by talking to, listening, and understanding one another. These are vital needs for us. Relationships are a part of communication and taking pleasure in this communication. That’s why we...

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strategy May 08, 2022

Apoptosis can affect essential synapses both in the womb and in the child’s early life or even in the adult. Neural pruning or controlled nerve cell death crus naturally in the developing brain allowing it to adjust to its changing envoirement and become more efficient by discarding...

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