Advanced Meditation Programme

Meditation is a lifelong consciousness journey.

In the school of Classic Vedic Meditation, teachers who have been on a consciousness journey for a long period devote themselves to supporting and guiding their students for the rest of their lives.
These teachers have worked with all levels of their mind, aligned the five functions of their brain, and managed to maintain balance in all aspects of their life.
Throughout this path, the teacher lights the way for their students. With their knowledge, experience and devotion, the teachers are responsible for helping their students stay in the path of spiritual transformation for the rest of their lives – just like they did. This is a sacred duty. It is a unique and mysterious door that should not be opened before a person is completely ready and one that can only be opened with the permission of the teacher.

Anyone can become a meditation teacher, but not everyone does. Because only very few people have the devotion, discipline and determination needed to carry one to the level of a teacher. 
This is what master teachers do – search every nook and cranny to find those people and support them for life.

Advanced Meditation Programme will be the deepest, most jarring and most transformative experience of your journey so far. But this is a beginning, not an end. During this experience, you will decide which level you want to achieve and maintain. 

Students who complete the Classical Vedic Meditation Course and have been practising meditation regularly for at least a year can request to be included in the Advanced Meditation Group when they feel ready. Once approved by our teacher, they can start their unique 6-month journey. This journey is one of the prerequisites of the VIPASSANA COURSE and MEDITATION COACHING.


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