About Nevşah

Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet is a teacher, speaker, best-selling author and successful entrepreneur.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Breathing Sciences, Nevsah is recognised globally as being the authority on dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits. Her posts include Vice President at the Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences and founding president of Breath Coaching Federation, and she’s also a member of the Breathing Sciences Faculty.

Her work has taken her all over the world, working with clients like HSBC, ING Bank, Pfizer and Vodafone, as well as well-known celebrities and professional athletes. She’s been interviewed on numerous radio and TV channels, such as the BBC (UK), CNBC (USA), CNN (USA), and FOX TV (USA), and also been featured in publications including TIME Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Hello! Magazine.

Nevsah’s mission is to create simple products and courses to get people live masterful lives, delivered through workshops, seminars, online courses and personal coaching.

Her vision is to build a Graduate School of Advanced Sciences for Self Mastery in London, helping thousands of teachers graduate from the school and transforming the lives of millions by getting them to live life masterfully.

To date, Nevsah has helped more than 40,000 people live better.

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