Classic Vedic Meditation Course

Classic Vedic Meditation is practice with a mantra, a phrase that is repeated silently in our mind. Mantra comes from two Sanskrit words, ‘’man’’ which means ‘’the mind’’ and ‘’tra’’ which means vehicle or transport. Mantra means, taking your mind from one place to another, transporting the mind, while your body relaxes fully. 

There are different mantras, used in Vedic meditation, like OM (the sound of the universe or divine consciousness), SO HUM (I AM THAT, connecting us with pure consciousness), OM PADME OM, /The jewel in the lotus, building the ability to overcome and find the jewel in every difficulty) or AHAM (simply, I AM) which I use in my meditation practice. 

Vedic Meditation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and governs relaxation and rejuvenation. It helps the body to fully relax and helps us sleep better and deeper, by reducing the stress chemicals in the body.

It eases panic and anxiety, heals ‘’stress related issues’’ and aids creativity. It helps our mind to become much more clear, focused and our brain start working better. 

Our prefrontal cortex starts releasing more dopamine which aids the excutive mind. It helps us focus and end our suffering due to emotional charges. The emotional charges balance by themselves.

Online home study course series, total of xxxxxxxxxx hours of meditation training, for beginners and also for people who would like to become Vedic meditation teachers.



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