Joe Gandarillas
Chief Operating Officer, Michael Aiduss Interior Design

The Miracle Course has had an incredible influence on my overall well-being.

Physically it helped me to identify my dysfunctional thinking and breathing habits and how my thoughts actually affect my life. I feel balanced, energized as well as more grounded.

Nevsah is an incredibly gifted teacher who delivers powerful self mastery tools and provides a safe space for growth and transformation.

Melike Ayan
Bloomberg tv, Newyork

She truly is the leader of the Golden Age…

I had the honor and luck to know her as a friend and mentor. During the whole time I spent with her, I realized and felt that not only her teachings, but her whole being and presence is special. Her teachings, her whole being is nothing like anybodyelse's. Her signature programme, The Miracle Course is really a miracle itself. If you wanna be to person you are seeking, and if you wanna change your life, your wellbeing (health, wealth, relationships), if you want abundance in all areas of your life, this is the course you need to take.

With her support, I evaluated my life, and I realized that being and living in NY I am in a fast pace environment and learned to take a step back, evaluate my life, calm down, look where I am going, check my short and longterm goals and create my life the way I want it to be. Nevsah is a role model. Not only she is a spiritual leader, she is also the only person I know who combines science and real spiritual studies together, creating a powerful curriculum.

Her message is "let go and let God", and through her courses and books, she gives us all of the tools to implement that. The universe is lucky to have her.. She truly is the leader of the Golden Age ..

Julie Strong
ThetaHealing Practitioner and Teacher

Just being in the room with Nevsah creates the opportunity for transformation.

She is that rare teacher that lives her Truth and by example opens the channel of High Consciousness for her students.

Guillaume Bauwens
Entrepreneur, Personal Coach

It was a miracle! I learn so much about me, how my breathing can create my habits and have some conséquence on my thoughts.

Now I feel more relax, more myself and free to take action.

I also can express myself more freely. It was a big change for me! It was my dream for years to be able to do it !!

Thank you so much.

Jerry Hock
Publisher, Natural Awakenings magazine of Northern New Jersey

Nevsah Institute Cirruculum combines the best of behavioral science, breath science, metaphysical teachings and simple wisdom. All teachings are unique and %100 effective.

Nevsah is a genuine soul that possesses a radiance that we seldom encounter in a person. There's no doubt in my mind that she is one of the catalyst that has risen up to usher in the Love Renaissance. Say goodbye to your old reality and embrace the connection to your self-love and sustained joy. Nevsah Institute Cirruculum may very well be the conduit that gets you there.

Nesko Elden

What Nevsah teaches is very different than other methods and so much more powerful!

I have been hearing about Nevsah her Breath workshops for a long timeAs an integrative health coach I help individuals and organizations to improve their energies and I have been using many techniques and tools. All of them are powerful but what Nevsah teaches is so much simple, easy, different from other modalities and amazingly powerful. During her workshops I released all of the stuck emotions in my cellular memory, even from the time of birth. It was intense but very rewarding. When I completed her Miracle Course, it felt like I was reborn to myself, with full of joy and connection with my spirit.

I got so many compliments from my family members and friends after The Miracle Course. My friends said my eyes were sparkling, my whole aura, being have changed. They said there was a powerful white light around my body. Joining Nevsah’s trainings has been one of the best things I have done in my life. I highly recommend them to anybody, who wants to connect with their power and feel alive.

Brenda W

Nevsah Institute Cirruculum is amazing from start to finish.

Plus you have wonderful practical tools to use when you leave each course. Working with my mind and my dysfunctional habits changed my life. Since I started working with Nevsah and getting trainings from Nevsah Institute, I have more energy, am more healthy, strong, balanced, happy and fullfilled. Nevsah is a wonderful healer and teacher. I loved every minute of the courses. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in self mastery and living a happy, fulfilling, extraordinary life.

Hercules Invictus

Nevsah has brought me to a broader, deeper, richer and much more archetypal/mythic state of consciousness.

Nevsah's Miracle Course totally blew me away! I have been experimenting with consciousness throughout my entire life but never have I experienced so much intensity, inner activity and actual multidimensional transformation in so short a time!

I am in a new and exciting in-between place which I am still investigating, assimilating and slowly growing into. I am looking forward to seeing where it, and then Part II, will take me.

Thanks to all of you I am now much more ME than I ever thought possible. Time to explore all my new options and decide what I wish to do next.

Paulina Skorwider

Nevsah is a very special shining light. During her courses, she creates a powerful space, the space of high consciousness and a gentle place for transformation. She provides authentic and practical tools as well as assists us in search for higher understanding, the truth and life balance. This is an unique and wonderful experience.

Nevsah’s book is a reminder for all dreamers and awaken beings, bringing us back to a true essence of who we are. Every day life may be very distracting, so it’s easy to forget about the deepest truth. By reading „Awakening” you really are being awaken and reconnected with unconditional love, source’s energy and a true self.

Esra Oziskender
Human Resources Professional, Consultant, Journalist

The whole experience was incredible!

I was involved in Nevsah’s courses through my dear friend Melike. As being someone who was involved in in personal, spiritual and motivational improvements, I was delighted to be able to experience Nevsah’s workshops. The whole experience was incredible!

Nevsah clearly has a natural ability to connect with people, she is warm, open, understanding and the methods she delivers are highly evolved systems. She has helped me reconnect with my emotions, myself and brought life to my being. She literally switched me on!

There was so many knowledge inside of me that were sleeping for years, she helped me to wake them up and shake myself! Now I feel I have a better direction in my goals and I feel better about whatever happens or happened in my life. I am so happy to have met her and gained a lifelong friend.

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