Self Mastery Free Workshop

The mindset of high achievers self mastery workshop.

A day with world renowned behaviour expert Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet.

We all have the capacity to live an extraordinary life.

You CAN live the life you dreamt of and be grateful for each moment you are spending on earth! 

During this workshop Nevsah will show you;

How to activate your GENIUS and create and extraordinary life.
How to connect with the Executive Mind and reach your highest vision. 
How to liberate yourself from what the world thinks and start living in your own terms.
How to let go of anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, betrayal, challenge, despair and depression.
Most effective tools, methods and strategies that are available on planet right now.

Stay tuned! Dates will be announced soon.

Introduction to Meditation Free Workshop

Through a unique blend of meditation, community building and powerful techniques, The Silence Revolution Meditation Club helps individuals become their best.

The Silence Revolution

One of the great misconceptions about wellbeing is the belief that our wellbeing, or lack of it, happens in isolation of the outside world.

The way we behave toward each other has an extraordinary effect on our own and others’ wellbeing.

When looking at social wellbeing from a big picture perspective, we are looking at the level of social awareness there is between our personal capabilities to remain connected, nurturing, and supportive of each other.

When a critical mass of society is experiencing personal wellbeing, society experiences a collective state of wellbeing.

However, when most of society is experiencing low levels of wellbeing for extended periods of time, we notice dysfunction in the way we treat ourselves and each other.

We normalize unsustainably high levels of personal stress that leads to anxiety, mistrust, and fear. These normalized experiences influence and shape our culture and the way we interact with each other.

When fear and mistrust dominate our culture, the most common side effects are:

Ignorance or denial of our responsibility to our belonging
Blame and feeling powerless to change society
Lack of empathy and compassion for those who seem different to us
Social inequity
Disregard for the environment
Infatuation with distractions
Unhealthy addictions and self-soothing with substances and experiences

The world desperately needs grassroots leadership by empowered individuals from every facet of society.

It needs people that are dedicated to empowering and supporting their community with the knowledge and practices that grow our personal and social wellbeing by first starting to grow self-awareness.

Meditating daily and teaching meditation for me is a powerful way to contribute to the movement of people around the world who are working to create a wellbeing tipping point.

As we grow, so will our diversity and reach. As a meditation teacher, I am committed to this cause, my love and care for my students, developing my expertise and capability each day to teach anyone who is willing to learn with me. 

THE SILENCE REVOLUTION MEDITATION CLUB serves this cause, as I am dedicated to leading my community for a lifetime. 

Stay tuned! Dates will be announced soon.
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